SEG Fabric Lightboxes
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We Design, Manufacture & Print Fabric Lightboxes
& Non-lit SEG Displays.

We Design, Manufacture & Print Fabric Lightboxes & Non-lit SEG Displays.

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SEG Frame Styles

Regardless of the style you choose, or whether you go with a non-lit or backlit frame, our silicone edge graphics (SEG) are the perfect visual merchandising tools for all your campaigns.

A solution that fits

Available in a wide selection of formats, our tension fabric lightboxes and non-lit textile frames take your signage to the next level. Plus, when it's time for a change, you can switch up your graphics in a matter of seconds.

Quick and easy

Anyone can assemble or change the printed graphics on these lightboxes — no specialized training or tools are required!

Nationwide roll-outs

SEG displays are designed to meet the highest-volume marketing campaigns worldwide. 

Cost effective

Thanks to our new LED technology, SEG displays are not just geared toward maximum durability; they are energy efficient, too!

SEG displays are used everywhere

Trade shows and exhibitions made silicone edge graphics (SEG) displays popular. But now, you can find this signage in plenty of other markets. Why? Because they're a versatile, high-quality, and cost-effective choice. Plus, they easily capture viewers' attention, and that's the goal of marketing in any sector. 

Retail stores
& shopping malls

Boost your sales with one of our eye-catching SEG displays. Use it as a tool to advertise the season's newest products, promote the latest deals, or simply give potential customers information about your store.

& events

Whether you're hosting or attending as an exhibitor, an SEG display should most definitely be your plus-one at any event. The right one can steal the show at a convention or spark conversation at a party every time. 

& offices

Looking for a fun and visually appealing way to add personality to the workplace? Use an SEG display! Transform the space with creative imagery or take an opportunity to showcase your business's core values or brand message. 

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