Steps to Measure SEG Frames

This page will walk you through on how to properly measure your existing SEG frames for ordering re-prints

Note that this step is not required if you have ordered your frame from us

Measure the frame

Measure the outermost dimensions of the Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) frame.

Use the inches side of the tape measure to record the width from side to side and height from top to bottom.

Measure the channel

Easiest way for this is to measure the width & thickness of existing print’s silicone if available.


Measure the frame channel, the groove around the perimeter of the frame, where the silicone beading is inserted.

This thickness varies depending on the frame manufacturer. Use the millimeter side of the tape measure held straight across the channel at any point.

Send the dimensions

Email the outer frame dimensions (in inches) and a photo of the frame channel thickness (in millimeters).

Your order may delay going to production if this info is not received on time.

SEG Measurements

Measuring FAQ's

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All our SEG frames and prints are packed with shrink wrap + bubble wrap + heavy duty corrugated box, this type of packaging will ensure that the aluminum frame, LED components and prints are always protected from handling and water.