Luxe® Series

2" Frame depth

Our Wall-Mounted SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) Fabric Lightbox offer back-lit visuals, printed through a dye-sublimation process, that are easy and quick to replace. Ideal for retail environments, museums, exhibits and tradeshows, the Wall-Mounted SEG Fabric Lightbox allows you to display your graphics in a flexible, modern and innovative way.


  • True 2" aluminum profile depth
  • Frame can be Wall Mount or Freestanding
  • Custom frame colors PANTONE® / RAL
  • Quick assembly in less than 10 minutes
  • Easy graphic replacement with silicone

This profile can be used as Wall Mount
Sale price$499 USD
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Key Features

Changeable Textile Prints

Easily re-order new prints and change the graphics, we use dye-sublimation printing technology to ensure vivid graphic quality and high durability.

Edgelit LED Technology

Our high efficiency edglit LED lighting is the most ideal way of lighting up SEG frames, seamless light distribution of up to 10' ft with zero hotspots.

Custom Frame Paints

Despite our standard anodized silver finish, we can powder coat our frames to match most PANTONE® and RAL colors.

More Benefits

Our Pro Line® Series aluminum profile is designed to be used in multiple applications such as:

  • Wall Mount lightboxe or non-lit 
  • Freestanding single sided lightbox
  • Freestanding double sided non-lit
  • Ceiling lightbox Learn more

Pro Line® Series aluminum profile comes standard in silver anodized and is designed with stability in mind with 2mm thickness of all the interior walls, this ensures no bending or deformation of the frame.

Design begins with function, Pro Line® Series aluminum profile is fast and intuitive. The intelligent corner bracket system enables smooth assembly and dismantling in 10 minutes or less.

All our aluminum extrusion profiles are designed and engineered with quick delivery and most efficient packaging in mind, no matter how large or small your displays are, it will be packaged in small box sizes so that it can be shipped to you as fast as overnight.

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